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c.RenderArgs["tagsJson"] = c.Json(tagService.GetTags(c.GetUserId()))
return c.RenderTemplate("note/note-dev.html")


type Controller struct {
RenderArgs map[string]interface{} // Args passed to the template. }

 返回 RenderTemplateResult 对象 

func (c *Controller) RenderTemplate(templatePath string) Result {

	// Get the Template.
// 返回 GoTemplate{tmpl, loader} template, err := MainTemplateLoader.Template(templatePath) if err != nil { return c.RenderError(err) } return &RenderTemplateResult{ Template: template, RenderArgs: c.RenderArgs, // 把args给它 } }


// Action methods return this result to request a template be rendered.
type RenderTemplateResult struct {
	Template   Template
	RenderArgs map[string]interface{}
// 模仿这个方法
func (r *RenderTemplateResult) render(req *Request, resp *Response, wr io.Writer) { // 这里调用之
err := r.Template.Render(wr, r.RenderArgs) if err == nil { return }
func (r *RenderTemplateResult) Apply(req *Request, resp *Response) { // Handle panics when rendering templates. defer func() { if err := recover(); err != nil { ERROR.Println(err) PlaintextErrorResult{fmt.Errorf("Template Execution Panic in %s:\n%s", r.Template.Name(), err)}.Apply(req, resp) } }() chunked := Config.BoolDefault("results.chunked", false) // If it's a HEAD request, throw away the bytes. out := io.Writer(resp.Out) if req.Method == "HEAD" { out = ioutil.Discard } // In a prod mode, write the status, render, and hope for the best. // (In a dev mode, always render to a temporary buffer first to avoid having // error pages distorted by HTML already written) if chunked && !DevMode { resp.WriteHeader(http.StatusOK, "text/html; charset=utf-8") r.render(req, resp, out) // 这里!!! return } // Render the template into a temporary buffer, to see if there was an error // rendering the template. If not, then copy it into the response buffer. // Otherwise, template render errors may result in unpredictable HTML (and // would carry a 200 status code) var b bytes.Buffer r.render(req, resp, &b) if !chunked { resp.Out.Header().Set("Content-Length", strconv.Itoa(b.Len())) } resp.WriteHeader(http.StatusOK, "text/html; charset=utf-8") b.WriteTo(out) }


revel / template.go 里有 MainTemplateLoader 类, Template类, 里面还有自定义模板函数

type Template interface {
	Name() string
	Content() []string
	Render(wr io.Writer, arg interface{}) error

// Adapter for Go Templates. type GoTemplate strucst { *template.Template loader *TemplateLoader }
// return a 'revel.Template' from Go's template. func (gotmpl GoTemplate) Render(wr io.Writer, arg interface{}) error { return gotmpl.Execute(wr, arg) }




tpl := c.RenderTemplate("note/note-dev.html")
// 定义一个io.Writer, 可以是stringIoWriter? 写到string中
var b bytes.Buffer
tpl.Template.Render(b, tpl.RenderArgs)

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